Monday, 12 March 2007

Softie play

Today we had a birthday party at our house for my bloke, with all his family in attendance (including his sister living in the US via yahoo messenger, yay). My niece and nephew found my sewing room and the many piles of softies I have been making of late. After playing with some puppets and blob monsters they decided that the play food was the most fun (either feeding it to the puppets or throwing it around the room). It was really nice to be able to see the things I have been making being enjoyed by little people. It make me feel even more excited and motivated to design and make more.

Here I have some more pretend food. Softie bananas. I took this pic on my IKEA stool. It frames them beautifully. My brother Max has already put in an order for a banana!


melly said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog and leading me here - I love what you are doing, everything on your blog gives me a smile - SO CUTE!!

dizzyjadey said...

Hi! I found you via a comment you made on another blog. What cute softies you have! They're gorgeous!

rosie said...

love the bananas!