Friday, 27 April 2007

Yay! Hooray!

I have just done two things which make me very excited. The first is I started my own little etsy shop. It is just a small little shop at the moment, but I have wanted to try it out for ages and I got brave enough to do it today.

The second exciting thing I did today was I found the blog with the really great bunny pattern, which I used for easter presents. The blog was so lovely and I really enjoyed visiting, but as soon as I wanted to go back I realised I couldn't find it again. I have bookmarked it now so I cannot forget how to get there.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Another Bag

Just to prove I am completely bag crazy, here is another bag I designed and made yesterday. It uses another of my favourite IKEA fabrics and I love it. It was really quick to make up as well and worked first time (don't you love it when new designs do that!). I have been using it to cart around my sewing stuff today and I am in love with it.

My body is being mean to me yet again. I think it is terribly sad that it doesn't like me. It is making me less productive, but I am getting in lots of time to check out all my favourite blogs. I will have to make one of those lists on my blog with all my favourites. It will be easier to keep tabs on all the exciting craftiness going on.

Friday, 20 April 2007

A bit of sewing

Please note: There is no natural light in my house, so taking pictures is a bit impossible.

My knitting has progressed since I last posted. Not as much as I would have liked, but progress is good. I finished the back and now have started a front. I forget which it is. As you can see it is very small still, but I am sure it will grow in the next few days.

I am a bag lady ( I love bags and I am always making new ones). I was inspired while over at craftster when I saw this great bag. I didn't read the tutorial, I just made him to suit my stuff. It was great fun and really quick to make up. I thought it would be nice to have a new bag for when school goes back.

Now to concentrate on the homework that is due first week back.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

More knitting . . .

Look! Its getting bigger. I am nearly done the back and still going strong. This is so amazing for me. I have slowed a little because I have found it is not possible to knit every hour of every day, but I will not give up. I am off today to go to an art gallery and such. It is part of the textiles course I am doing. I need to get in 140 hours of 'industry connections' before the end of the year. Its a bit of a scary number, but shouldn't be too hard to do. Hopefully I will have some good pictures to show when I get back.

Sunday, 8 April 2007


I love to knit. I enjoy it immensely and I also find it very relaxing. My mother tried to teach me when I was young, but it didn't really click until I was a teenager and my sister (who is an excellent knitter) taught me again. Ever since then I have always had knitting project on the go. Usually though these projects are relatively small and simple like scarves (big needles and thick yarn) and baby clothes and toys. While all of this is great I have always wanted to knit something more real (in my mind) for myself. I have started many a project only to give up, undo it and use it for something else. Recently I have visited some great knitting blogs and I am now inspired to knit something bigger. I am a comfy cardigan sort of person so I have started a red cardy.

The pictures are not great but you get the idea. I have much better knitting stamina than the last time I tried this. I am using 8 ply with 4mm needles, so I am not even cheating. I have found a pattern which uses three strands of 8 ply and 15mm needles, so I am going to try that one next. Hopefully in a few weeks I can post a picture of a finished garment. Now that I have set such a goal I of course will not finish, but we will see.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Sewing, sewing, everywhere!

How very slack of me to not have posted for so long. I do have the excuse of being unwell the past week, but that doesn't make me fell better. I have been plodding along with my sewing though. These picks are mostly of nearly finished things (I just couldn't wait until they were done).

This is a sweet little bear I have been thinking about making for a while. She is crooked on purpose and still has pins in her. You can't really see her eyes in the picture, but they are there. I often have people tell me off when I haven't put eyes on something yet. My nephew says to me, 'But how can it see?'

These are some cute little bunnies I have made for easter for my niece and nephews. I used a pattern I found on a great blog, but I have since forgotten what it was called. I will keep looking and find it and post the details when I do.

This is my current project for the textile course I am doing. It is for an embroidery unit, but I couldn't get away from stuffed toys.

A colour wheel made of fabric, the best kind.

A zombie bear I made with my younger siblings in mind.

Well, thats all my new photos. Lots of sewing to do. I hope to write again soon!