Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Another Bag

Just to prove I am completely bag crazy, here is another bag I designed and made yesterday. It uses another of my favourite IKEA fabrics and I love it. It was really quick to make up as well and worked first time (don't you love it when new designs do that!). I have been using it to cart around my sewing stuff today and I am in love with it.

My body is being mean to me yet again. I think it is terribly sad that it doesn't like me. It is making me less productive, but I am getting in lots of time to check out all my favourite blogs. I will have to make one of those lists on my blog with all my favourites. It will be easier to keep tabs on all the exciting craftiness going on.


Kristin said...

I loved this bag so much I bought the company! No! I hijacked the pattern from Jess and made my own. It went together so easily! Jess you should sell your patterns - they are so well designed!

sue said...

What a wonderful bag, and I think I will have to make a visit to Ikea and see what new fabrics they have that I can turn into nice things like you do. It seems a great size too, and I have a passion for handmade bags and the pile is getting bigger, although I try to swap and change them so they all get used.