Thursday, 5 April 2007

Sewing, sewing, everywhere!

How very slack of me to not have posted for so long. I do have the excuse of being unwell the past week, but that doesn't make me fell better. I have been plodding along with my sewing though. These picks are mostly of nearly finished things (I just couldn't wait until they were done).

This is a sweet little bear I have been thinking about making for a while. She is crooked on purpose and still has pins in her. You can't really see her eyes in the picture, but they are there. I often have people tell me off when I haven't put eyes on something yet. My nephew says to me, 'But how can it see?'

These are some cute little bunnies I have made for easter for my niece and nephews. I used a pattern I found on a great blog, but I have since forgotten what it was called. I will keep looking and find it and post the details when I do.

This is my current project for the textile course I am doing. It is for an embroidery unit, but I couldn't get away from stuffed toys.

A colour wheel made of fabric, the best kind.

A zombie bear I made with my younger siblings in mind.

Well, thats all my new photos. Lots of sewing to do. I hope to write again soon!


sue said...

You make such cute things and I love the bunnies too. How clever you are.

librarylass said...

I love the stuffies (and pretend food! could there be anything more awesome than pretend food? I think not!) Maybe in the future we can do a swap?

rosie said...

wow! how exciting that you are doing a textiles course! I am as green as your picklestick about that. I dream of doing a textiles course one day. I would love to go back to study. The zombie bear is too cute!