Thursday, 10 May 2007

I exist!

Something very exciting happened to me today. My Mum googled me . . . and she found me. Not only my blog but my Etsy shop too. I was so excited. It is nice to know that I exist in the world of google. I was so excited in fact that as soon as I was off the phone from her I raced to my computer and googled myself. I hope this doesn't sound terribly self centred, but I really wanted to be able to find myself on google . . . and I did. Not only did I find my blog and my Etsy shop, I also found my wist page (I just got one, you can bookmark all your favourite pictures). I now have a renewed sense of internetty self and I needed to blog about it. I also have some pictures to share.

This is more school stuff, fashion illustration with fabric and knitting. The best kind. My goodness, do I really use this many pairs of scissors at once?

Another picture of Tanooki Mario . . . finished this time (though you can't see his tail in this picture, the most exciting part I think).

My mum and I decided to have a quilt making day and this is what I made. I never thought I would make one of these 'scrappy' quilts, but it was soo quick to put together I may be converted. It now sits on my couch as the "oh quick, I'm cold" quilt. It is made of flannel with wool wadding so is very warm.

A closer pic.

An even closer pic.

Ok, ok. I haven't finished my red cardigan. I know I was going to concentrate on it . . . it just didn't work. Here is a scarf I started last night. It is about half way finished. I am using two strands of a soft acrylic and one of mohair. I was reading this book about big knits and it talks about how to combine yarns together to use as a thick yarn. I am loving it! I really enjoy things that knit up quickly.

Ok, gotta go make mothers day presents. Hopefully I will have some pretty pictures to show next week!


Martha said...

Hey! I actually started my blog tonight. Have a look! AND you exist heaps (showoff). You have done heaps this week!

LauraJ said...

very nice quilt!!

sue said...

Love the scrappy quilt as I was just cutting out squares last night to make the exact same quilt, although different colors. I hope it is easy to make as I want to finish mine over the weekend. Love all your softies too, just so cute. I cant wait to see the red jumper finished either.