Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Making softies

I have been sewing softies. It is very exciting. I have been making things for many different purposes.

A tree that I made just because I wanted to and because my sister likes trees.

A Tanooki Mario (I didn't even know what a Tanooki Mario was until a few days ago) made for my other sister to give as a present to her friend.

He is not quite finished yet, no ears and pins in his limbs, but I was so excited that he actually looked how I thought he should I am posting him now.

Yet another view of the Tanooki Mario. I have also done some prettier softies.

A little bird and . . .

. . . a little duck. I have been so busy at the moment, so where did all this softie making time come from? I have no idea. I guess the more you do, the more you can do! I am having lots of fun at the moment with school stuff. I am going to be making paper dolls! I can't wait to start but I also have many other things I can't wait to start, so I need a plan. Oh, well. Off to sew.

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Anonymous said...

I found you on etsy while searching for plushies.

Keep up the nice work (that Mario is awesome!!)