Monday, 11 June 2007

Fabric Postacrds

Note: Kids swap partner, do not read!

A while back I made these fabric postcards for all my mothers (mum, mu-in-law, and two grandmas). They are just pretty fabric (no piecing or appliqué) but I thought they were really nice. There is just something special about a fabric postcard that makes it exciting. My sister is going overseas for a year and a bit, and I already have heaps of great ideas for all the exciting mail I will send her. That's the good thing about knowing people far away - you can send them exciting mail!

This is a cute little elephant I designed for a swap I am doing over at craftster. I like him a lot and I think that I need to make me one soon! I am getting hooked on doing swaps. It is so fun to make something for someone you know will appreciate it and also to be receiving crafty mail yourself.

A front shot.

A blurry behind!

Another exciting thing is my bloke has started to sell computers. He decided that larger companies make too much money on the computers they sell, and that he could do it for much cheaper (and he loves computers and also loves to build them). If you are an Adelaidian like me you can have a squiz at his site.


Martha said...

I love your elephant. He is so cute.

inkberryblue said...

Hi picklesticks! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I thought I'd come over and visit ~ and return the favour. =]
You make such cute things (I had a look at your Etsy store too) and I love your logo!

sue said...

Love the little elephant, so cute. Was it easy to make him.

Sharon said...

Hi picklesticks, I just popped in to say thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and to have a look around [see if I could sneak a peak at some firefly items ;)]

The elephant is adorable, and those postcards are so cool :)