Monday, 23 July 2007

Harry Potter!

I bought it. I read it. It was fantastic! It was such a fun read. I am now bursting to talk about it. About who died and who didn't who was evil and who was not. Why different people did things etc. I am waiting for my siblings to finish reading so we can all talk about how exciting the whole thing was. Now I can think about going back to school tomorrow. I am excited and not all at the same time. I do have little finishing touches to add to folders being handed up. Hopefully I can post some pictures of some of the stuff I have been making.


Charli said...

I KKNOW! It was SOOOO good! I have the same problem- I've been DYING to talk to someone about it, but am waiting for my sister or mom to finish it! We'll have to e-mail!

Felicia said...

It was her best writing ever. And she answered tons of fan questions a couple of days ago on the Leaky Cauldron. Now we know much, much more of the story!