Saturday, 21 July 2007

More spinning and some knitting

Ever since I spun for the first time I was thinking about how I was going to be able to do it more often. Then I was talking to a friend of mine, and she said she wasn't using her spinning wheel and I could borrow it for a while. It has been so much fun. Our house is very small and my bloke said a spinning wheel wouldn't fit, so it is living at mums house. Not so good because I can't spend every waking moment spinning (probably a good thing), but it is good 'cause some of my siblings are spinning as well. This is my most recent spinning and plying.

I think it is so beautiful. It is almost read for washing and then making something from. The whole making something from spun wool is very exciting. After I washed my first lot it just walked around holding it for a while before I could decide what to make out of it. I finally decided I needed a hat for going back to school next week.

So I made this pixie-ish, may gibbs, acron hat thing. I love it desperately. I did the whole make-it-up-as-you-go thing and it worked quite well. I am thinking that the next lot might become a hat too. I don't have many hats and in this chilly weather hats are great to have.

Another exciting note. Today is the day for the 7th Harry Potter Book! I am so excited. Yes I know it is already in shops now. I am not well today so I am waiting for my sister and we are going to get the book together and read together (with chocolate raspberry bullets). You might not think that reading is something you do in groups but I think it is. Every now and then you have to look up from what you are reading and say "oh wow this happened, and that!"


de vliegende koe said...

Spinning is so much fun to do. I did in earlier days. The only spinning I do now is on a spinning bike at the gym.

inkberryblue said...

I really like your hat, picklesticks. I went to see the musical version of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie at the beginning of the year and the costume designer dressed a lot of the characters in hand knitted and crochet garments. So sweet!
Your read~along with your sister sounds lovely too. =]

Charli said...

I just finished Harry Potter last night!!! IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!!!!! YAY!

Kate said...

Love this hat - thins is what I want to do with some of my handspun. I just got a copy of Harry yesterday and my husband has it!