Friday, 10 August 2007

More spinning and some dyeing

I have been spinning, but not only spinning but dyeing yarn as well! My final project at school is going to be a 3D landscape made with spun and dyed yarn, knitting, felting, fulling, bobbin lace, tatting, etc. It's so exciting! I am making samples at the moment. If anyone has any other good ideas of how I can create texture using different techniques, let me know!

Aside from that we are completely re-arranging our house at the moment. We decided we didn't have enough storage and are fixing that. Its not all done yet as I am busy with lots of other things, so its sort of half done. My sewing room is trashed, but its all ok. I am going to a friends house for a craft day. Don't you just love craft days! All you need is your current project, a bunch of crafty friends and some baked goods.

This is what I made for today. They both have chocolate chips in them as requested by my bloke. He said if I was making some for a craft day I should replenish our biscuit container at the same time. I made choc chip biscuits and choc orange muffins. Both made up as I went along because I couldn't concentrate on the recipe books long enough to choose. Hopefully I shan't poison anyone.


Swirlyarts said...

Ooooh - they look yummy!! I need to seriously re-organise my house too but I keep putting it off!

Cheeky Beaks said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! You lucky girl, living in Adelaide. One Small Room is in Croydon. open: thurs - sun 11 - 4pm
6-10 elizabeth st, croydon

And while you are there check out Nest Studio a few doors up.

Sonnja said...

They look Yummuy, your choc chip biscuits and choc orange muffins !
Kind regards,


soz said...

your felting is fantasic! Such pretty colours too.
What has become of your hat? I cant get my head around it - ha!