Saturday, 29 September 2007

Me again.

Oooooooh look. I have been tagged by Swirly Arts. This is always a bit of fun!


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1. I am obsessed with craft swaps. I love making things for other people and LOVE getting mail, so its perfect.

2. I love staying home to the extreme. Even the offer of fabric shops and eating out cannot always temp me.

3. I stress and worry about everything. I even stress and worry about nothing. That is one reason I like staying home, much less stressful.

4. When I was smaller my mother told me I had to learn piano and then I could play another instrument. I was content with the piano until I moved out into a tiny flat. Now I have space for sewing machines, fabric, computers, chairs, tables, but not pianos. I love to play music. Its really fun and even relaxing. I decided that I want to play the violin. A violin is small. I am sure I could find a spot for one. Maybe.

5. I usually carry a soft toy around with me. I know I am a grown up but having something soft and cuddly in my bag is very comforting and makes the whole going out thing so much more bearable.

6. I always like to learn new crafts and have the desire to do everything! This year I have learnt felting, spinning, tatting, bobbin lace, cord making and weaving. I have found that I love it all.

7. I can't work on one thing straight for a long length of time. I usually bounce from one thing to another. I am always working on about 10 projects at once. Currently four out on my sewing table, two on the couch, one next to the computer, one on the kitchen table and two on my bedside table. I am working on them all right now. Its a bit weird I know.

I always think a post is nothing without pictures, so here are some recent projects finished and not.

If I only had a brain . . .

. . . a heart . . . a home, the nerve. Well I do have a home, and now I have a brain and a heart. I will have to work on the nerve.

A green birdie. Part of a soon to be flock of messenger birds for school.

A green dog (green must be my thing). Yes he's flat but completely cuddly!

And this very odd piece of cardboard with string and yarn on it is a soon to be hat. It is woven and I think its working. We will see.

Now to tag some people. Its very hard. I am sure these people have been tagged already but I would love to find a bit more about them.

Life In Color

Ok, I suck. I could only think of one. I might think of more later.


Kris said...

Hey! A new post. I love to read your posts! I think your mother was very wise when she exhorted you to learn the piano first. She sounds like an extraordinarally wonderful woman. Oh! And she's also a bit full of herself.

Kris said...

Of course, her spelling's not that crash hot. Hopefully it's not genetic! Go to my blog to see the new revamped Rosemary Hill. I'm so computer savvy now!!!

rosie said...

Have loved reading more about you! these memes are fun arent they? From one worrier to another, half the stuff I worry about never happens! How do we learn to stop worrying?? Much easier to learn a new craft-lol.

Swirlyarts said...

Yay - random facts! I love them! I know what you mean about having more than one craft on the go at the same time - I also have them spread all over the house!

Cat said...

That brain is awesome!