Monday, 8 October 2007

Felting day

Look at this exciting felt I made. Recently a whole bunch of my class when up to someone's farm and we had a felting day. While I already know how to felt I learnt heaps of new things and produced a much nicer felt than before (it was easier too). I have now used up all my tops so I am waiting for a good opportunity to buy some more.

I used coloured tops on one side and white on the other. I only used two layers, and it is a very light but sturdy felt.

More prettiness. I also scored a few bags of black fleece! It is very exciting. I am spinning it at the moment. I am thinking of plying it with colour. We will see how it goes.

1 comment:

Life's little stuff said...

They look soooo lovely , I love lightweight felt and your colours are gorgeous.
You are just very clever and creative. Where are you getting your tops from?
Happy Spinning - sounds like a big task - a few bags!
Don't get lost in all that fleece.
cheers Little Ma