Sunday, 2 December 2007

I'm still here!

Look! its me at a market. Well ok, you can't see me. You can see my mum and several of my siblings though. Yesterday We all went off to Art at the Hart which is an artist market held at Port Adelaide. I had grand dreams of selling off all of the toys I have taking up space in my sewing room. While I didn't sell them all I did sell quite a few and came home with less bags of them. The best thing was seeing happy kids playing with their new friends as they left the stall.

This was our view for the day. Not bad huh. We were a bit too close to the water for my liking. I kept having to watch while people sat on the edge and lent over to get a good look.

My sister was our photographer for they day and this was one of the first pictures she took (you can see the edge, it was too close!). She managed to take a photo of a fly!We were all very impressed!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear you had a good day, but you are mean!! Those water photos are making me desperate to get away and see the ocean!

Jessica said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog:)

I'd be happy to help you mess about with some crochet. I don't know much about patterns, but I can make the basic stitches.

sue said...

Ooh what a beautiful sight, although I am not a big fan of being so close to water (or cliffs) for that matter. I am glad that you sold quite a few items too, and I am sure the kids will love them too.

Kris said...

I think the day sounded just as good on your blog as it did on mine! It just looks soooooooo beautiful!

Life's little stuff said...

Nice to see you're back.
Lucky Kids that got one of your toys! They're so cute.

I don't like heights and edges . People who lean over are tempting me to give them a little push!! WEll I haven't done that yet but it's awfully tempting.
I am a Capricorn so that might explain that particular urge. : )
huggs Tina