Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Far too hot for sewing.

The past few days it has been far too hot for sewing. I did escape to my mum's house (its cooler there) and did some cutting out, but I am yet to sew anything to completion. Its the iron. I can't bear to turn the iron on. I think of it as a little heater in winter, so in summer it just doesn't make sense. When I was a much younger sewer I would have made things without the iron and not cared too much, but luckily my mother has trained me well and I am a grown up sewer now who can change the colour of her thread, iron as she goes and pre-wash cotton fabrics!

I did sew up the booties I finished knitting. That was pretty exciting. I am now knitting some gorgeous overalls. They will take a little longer to make. I sewed up a polar fleece version and boy were they quick (no need to iron!). No pictures of them yet cause there are still a couple of pins in them where I need to do some hand sewing.

There is a cool change coming today, so I have opened the windows up and I am hoping for a breeze. Maybe then I can turn the iron on.

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