Sunday, 3 February 2008

There really is a baby in there!

I know its silly, but I have been thinking that I might not be pregnant after all. Maybe I'm feeling this sick for another reason. Here is my proof that its really a baby and not extra fat beginning to accumulate around my middle.

I went for an ultrasound and saw my little baby moving around. It was pretty exciting. I have been told its not the done thing to announce your baby's sex before its born, but I am weird. In the first few seconds of the scan I could tell he was a little boy. Its really nice to be able to call the baby him and not it. It feels more like there is a person growing inside me. Anyway, I am still feeling really sick most of the time and I haven't been sewing at all. I am having "good" days every now and then (only feel really sick in the morning and evening with a few good hours in the middle of the day), so I hope they become more frequent. I might even be able to show off something for baby soon, you never know!


Life's little stuff said...

OMG He's so gorgeous ( I know its ultra sound but you can just tell he's beautiful!!)
Glad to hear you're having some good hours.

See you soon
Love Tina and Nadia

Kris said...

I loooooooove the new look! So pickley! Oh. The baby's pretty cute too! For some baby stuff goodness, go to my blog!

Kate said...

It's alwasy so much real when you have an ultrasound - congratulations!

Lucy Lou said...

Your baby looks just like you!