Sunday, 16 March 2008


I am a woman obsessed with lists, and being at Uni is making it possible to make hundreds of them. I came across this library card generator which I have used to make a list. Its funny but at the moment food is the most important thing about uni. Bringing good food or having money to buy good food is the secret to having a good day. Not a lot has happened yet. Tomorrow is the beginning of week three and we get to go to our first studio (glass - yay).

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Preggo Picture

I haven't got sewing goodness to show, but I wanted to post something. This is a very glamorous (can you tell I'm tired) picture of me showing off my baby bump for my sister overseas. I already sent it to her but had other sisters telling me I should blog it so they can see too (not that they don't see me in real life). Anyway, here is me and my bump. It keeps growing and growing. I think its all pretty exciting. I am still feeling sick, just not all the time. Its a good thing too because I am now an official Uni bum. Its good fun but very tiring. All that walking! Anyway, I might have some artiness to show off after a week or two. We will see.