Wednesday, 30 April 2008


It's pretty funny (to me at least) that I am so excited about nappies. Previously in my life I didn't spend hours thinking about nappies, but that's changed now. The debate of disposable vs cloth was the first thing I needed to decide. The main motivator to me for doing cloth was the whole money thing. I prefer to spend money on books and fabric and other good things. Spending money on nappies just didn't make sense. I also liked the idea of being nicer to our planet. The last thing that helped me decide that cloth was the way to go was the fact that I am a fairly allergic eczema sort of person and the thought of putting plastic and chemicals on my baby's bottom wasn't a pleasant one. I then had to think about was sort of nappies to have. When I was first thinking cloth nappies I was thinking terry squares. After a little research I found that cloth nappies have gone modern and come in AIOs, fitteds, prefolds, pockets, and a few other variations.

Anyway, to stop myself from going on and on I will just say that I have decided on fitted nappies that are stuffable, with separate covers. I also decided to make my own so I get to save money, but also get to buy fabric! Bamboo is what I chose as my absorbent fabric (very absorbent, good for the environment and antibacterial etc) and I am making covers from PUL and fleece. I bought fabric online and it arrived a week or so ago but my sewing machine decided to die before any sewing happened. It is now back (picked it up this arvo) and I have now sewn a nappy!




I am pretty thrilled! I made up the pattern after having looked at literally thousands of nappies online and with some size references to real life disposables (freebies from my bounty bag). I don't yet have a baby to try it on but I am being positive and I think it will fit well.

It doesn't have any doing-up bits yet, but I have decided to buy a snap machine and do snaps. As soon as I have decided on the colours I want I am buying one from here. I will use it for clothes and bags and other stuff too, so I am sure it will be well-used.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008


I haven't been the most productive baker around these days, but I saw these at soulemama and couldn't resist. I only made a half batch which still made heaps (for my house anyway). They are very yummy and I am sure I will make them again!