Wednesday, 30 April 2008


It's pretty funny (to me at least) that I am so excited about nappies. Previously in my life I didn't spend hours thinking about nappies, but that's changed now. The debate of disposable vs cloth was the first thing I needed to decide. The main motivator to me for doing cloth was the whole money thing. I prefer to spend money on books and fabric and other good things. Spending money on nappies just didn't make sense. I also liked the idea of being nicer to our planet. The last thing that helped me decide that cloth was the way to go was the fact that I am a fairly allergic eczema sort of person and the thought of putting plastic and chemicals on my baby's bottom wasn't a pleasant one. I then had to think about was sort of nappies to have. When I was first thinking cloth nappies I was thinking terry squares. After a little research I found that cloth nappies have gone modern and come in AIOs, fitteds, prefolds, pockets, and a few other variations.

Anyway, to stop myself from going on and on I will just say that I have decided on fitted nappies that are stuffable, with separate covers. I also decided to make my own so I get to save money, but also get to buy fabric! Bamboo is what I chose as my absorbent fabric (very absorbent, good for the environment and antibacterial etc) and I am making covers from PUL and fleece. I bought fabric online and it arrived a week or so ago but my sewing machine decided to die before any sewing happened. It is now back (picked it up this arvo) and I have now sewn a nappy!




I am pretty thrilled! I made up the pattern after having looked at literally thousands of nappies online and with some size references to real life disposables (freebies from my bounty bag). I don't yet have a baby to try it on but I am being positive and I think it will fit well.

It doesn't have any doing-up bits yet, but I have decided to buy a snap machine and do snaps. As soon as I have decided on the colours I want I am buying one from here. I will use it for clothes and bags and other stuff too, so I am sure it will be well-used.


Cassie said...

Aww, Jess, that nappy is ADORABLE! You have GOT to teach me how it's done. I am hanging out to make some nappies for my bub too, I might feel better about spending the money on making them rather than keeping on buying them ready made.

Anyways, so close now! I'm so excited about the baby shower! See ya there!


Life's little stuff said...

Hiya Jess
Those Nappies are awesome.

Kate said...

Greta nappy!