Thursday, 17 July 2008

Little Button Loafers

My sister-in-law found a pattern for some really great crocheted shoes a while back on etsy. I couldn't resist them and was desperate for a quick project that I would be able to finish, so I bought the pattern and have made my first pair.

They were quick and fun to make, and even though the pattern is in American crochet speak it was easy to follow and worked well! Lots of people I like are doing babies at the moment so I can see myself making many more of these.

The etsy seller Sylver Designs has other great patterns I like the look of including stuff I could make for me. We will see if I can resist.


Kate said...

Adorable shoes!

Cassie said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got the pattern! You did an amazing job! Aren't they just gorgeous!
We need a piccy of some on Jonas now :P

Hope you are all well.


Kris said...

I like 'em too! Nice job. Everything you make is excellent!

El Duende de los Hilos said...

Please, can you send me the pattern? They´re soy lovely!!!