Friday, 28 November 2008


When I decide that its too hot to cook I make for dinner what I call a 'platter'. It is different all the time but is mostly made up of fruit and veg with the addition of things like egg, ham, dip, jatz, etc. It is always so colourful and appealing!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Great bark

Today was the second time we went to the Fullarton Plant and Craft Market. Even though the weather wasn't the greatest the turn out was great and we all had a fun time (Mum, my sisters, the boy and my hubby).

Here is our stand. We were in the same spot, but I think we were much prettier than last time. We had pretty fabric to cover our tables and had a sign and good bunting etc.

Since last month I bought a little clothes line, which we have used to display quilts, clothes, bags and other things. I think the market was really an excuse for me to buy it. Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted a little clothes line to hang dolly clothes from. Home corner was my favourite as a child.

While there we saw this tree with the most amazing bark. I just love the colours and the way it is peeling off!

And there was this guy in the tree just above us. He seemed quite happy up there, and drew many admirers. There was also a dead crow in the tree too, but I'm not showing a picture of that!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Sewing / knitting / crochet and a winner

More sewing for the boy. Lots of t-shirts, shorts and bibs. My baby is a dribbler!

Some pretty cotton wash cloths for the market. Both knitted and crocheted. They are so soft, I love them!

And last but not least a winner for my giveaway - congratulations bettsy! I hope you enjoy your new winged friend.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

The survivors

These guys and girls (and a sheep that was a little camera shy) are the toys that came back from the exhibition unsold. I think they enjoyed the adventure! I will be taking them and some other things I have been sewing to the Fullarton market next Saturday.

Here are some pretty pictures I took with my great new camera while walking with the little man. There are so many pretty gardens near where we live. One day I will have a garden too!

And I got a quick snap of the pram. You can't see all of it as the little man was hiding from the sun (this is what it looks like). It has been so good. It has lots of room and is great for napping in. It is also really great for walking to the library or anywhere else you want to take lots of stuff (or bring home lots of stuff).

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Fun sewing . . . and a giveaway!

Having a camera has been fun, not only because I decided I needed a quilted camera case. I used some mushrooms I have been hanging on to for ages and some peas I have had for longer still. I love both these fabrics and am really happy how the little pouch turned out!

This little dragon had some friends who were finished ages ago but this guy has only just got his wings, horns, ears, etc finished. I am really happy how he has turned out, which brings me to another point . . . my giveaway! I have been so excited at the prospect of a giveaway for a long time now, and I wanted it to be something I really loved. So here it is.

My dragon, a dragony pouch and some little badges. If you would like to give this dragon a new home please leave a comment! You can do this anytime until Tuesday next week, and I will announce the winner on Wednesday.

Friday, 7 November 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

So just think how many words a camera is! I just got myself a new camera. It is special because it is all mine! I am not the greatest picture taker (I never think to take photos) and now that I have the little man at my house, I want to record all the different things he does and how he changes. The best way to do this I thought is to have a little camera on my person at all times.

Its a Samsung S860, and I got it because it was small, cheap, and pretty good (you know, camera-ness). It has a setting which helps you take photos in dimly lit spaces (my house is very dark) so it is a winner for me.

Aside from having a new camera to play with I have been sewing clothes for the little man. He is such a chubby little fellow and he needed some clothes with a little give in them, so I have been sewing t-shirts and stretchy shorts. The t-shirt is from a pattern but I invented the shorts. They worked well and fit him good. I am now thinking about some stretchy overalls.

I haven't managed a photo of the new pram yet, but I am sure we will get an action shot soon, now that I have a great new camera! Oh, and my next post will be my 75th! Which means a giveaway! I am not sure exactly what it will be yet, but I am very excited. Stay tuned!

Monday, 3 November 2008

To Coonalpyn and back again

On Saturday we went for our first long drive since having the boy. He was so good! Asleep all the way there and only a little screaming on the way back. I forgot the camera but managed to take a few pictures on my phone. The one above is Murray Bridge (we stopped there for ice-cream). And below the boy showing off!

The reason for the long drive was to pick up a secondhand pram we bought. We are walking people and the stroller just wasn't up to the long walks with the heavy boy. The pram is an Emmaljunga and I love it. Lots of space for the boy and all our stuff (library here we come), so easy to drive and great for sleeping.