Friday, 7 November 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

So just think how many words a camera is! I just got myself a new camera. It is special because it is all mine! I am not the greatest picture taker (I never think to take photos) and now that I have the little man at my house, I want to record all the different things he does and how he changes. The best way to do this I thought is to have a little camera on my person at all times.

Its a Samsung S860, and I got it because it was small, cheap, and pretty good (you know, camera-ness). It has a setting which helps you take photos in dimly lit spaces (my house is very dark) so it is a winner for me.

Aside from having a new camera to play with I have been sewing clothes for the little man. He is such a chubby little fellow and he needed some clothes with a little give in them, so I have been sewing t-shirts and stretchy shorts. The t-shirt is from a pattern but I invented the shorts. They worked well and fit him good. I am now thinking about some stretchy overalls.

I haven't managed a photo of the new pram yet, but I am sure we will get an action shot soon, now that I have a great new camera! Oh, and my next post will be my 75th! Which means a giveaway! I am not sure exactly what it will be yet, but I am very excited. Stay tuned!


Kris said...

Those shorts are the best ever! They will be so comfy for your little (lol!) man. I love 'em! They look brilliant with that t-shirt too. Nice job.

Lotti said...

Hey good shorts.....I like the fact that they are your own creation. I used to sew all my kids clothes when they were little and I loved it.....I miss them being little. Digial cameras are so'll enjoy the camera especially taking photos of your little one. Have fun!!