Sunday, 16 November 2008

The survivors

These guys and girls (and a sheep that was a little camera shy) are the toys that came back from the exhibition unsold. I think they enjoyed the adventure! I will be taking them and some other things I have been sewing to the Fullarton market next Saturday.

Here are some pretty pictures I took with my great new camera while walking with the little man. There are so many pretty gardens near where we live. One day I will have a garden too!

And I got a quick snap of the pram. You can't see all of it as the little man was hiding from the sun (this is what it looks like). It has been so good. It has lots of room and is great for napping in. It is also really great for walking to the library or anywhere else you want to take lots of stuff (or bring home lots of stuff).


Kris said...

Nice camera work!

joeyp said...

looks like a grate pram.