Monday, 3 November 2008

To Coonalpyn and back again

On Saturday we went for our first long drive since having the boy. He was so good! Asleep all the way there and only a little screaming on the way back. I forgot the camera but managed to take a few pictures on my phone. The one above is Murray Bridge (we stopped there for ice-cream). And below the boy showing off!

The reason for the long drive was to pick up a secondhand pram we bought. We are walking people and the stroller just wasn't up to the long walks with the heavy boy. The pram is an Emmaljunga and I love it. Lots of space for the boy and all our stuff (library here we come), so easy to drive and great for sleeping.


Cass said...

So where's a photo of this flashy pram then hey??

Kris said...

wow! what a show off that boy was! i thought for sure he couldn't sleep without the Corrs!