Tuesday, 9 December 2008

My very own soap!

I have been thinking about making my own soap for a while now, but this beautiful soap made me decide to do it! I did drop some of it on the floor (as you can see by the dent) but otherwise it worked well. It was so fun and I can't wait til this is cured and I can use it. I am also pretty excited to make another batch. I managed to find a great Australian soap making site which had good instructions, and was able to find all I needed to make it at the supermarket! If you have ever wanted to make soap - give it a go.


Rest is not idleness said...

The soap also looks quite edible, like a vanilla fudge. I might have a go over Christmas when I have a few days off.
take care

Tracy said...

oh nice soap. Thanks for the link to the site.

Dee said...

At the supermarket? Must be why it looks good enough to eat.