Thursday, 12 February 2009

More clothes sewing

I have been sewing more clothes for my little boy and today my mum came over and helped me finish them off. Its so great having my mum close, and having a mum who loves me and is still doing good things for me. I am sure every child thinks this, but I truly have the best mum ever!

We are still enjoying a break from the heat, but I am sure before too long the little boy will be enjoying these lovely cool clothes!


Lotti said...

These shirts are gorgeous. What cute pants. I think it's so good that you and your mum get to do stuff's nice to spend time with your children (speaking from a mother's perspective). Hey your little man is going to look really cute and don't worry we are heading for more heat....30 to 35 ..somewhere between that from Saturday till next he'll get the chance to wear them.

Kris said...

Such great photos! Very lovely work!