Monday, 16 February 2009

Stripey hoodie jacket

I know its not really cold but everyone needs a hoodie! I used the same sure fit kit to make this pattern. Mum helped me again (because she is so great!) and its now finished. I have also done an Etsy update if you wanna have a look.

But the most exciting news is two years of blogging (just gone) and 100 posts (soon). Which of course means I have to have a giveaway. Stay tuned!


Lotti said...

Oh Jess, you are so clever.....I love the jacket....Jonas is going to look so good in that. Hey I love that sewing system you looks really good. Just wanted to say I love your sheep that is sooooooo cute. You just have the best ideas.

Cassie said...

CUTE! You guys have been making some gorgeous clothes for the handsome man lately huh!