Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I felt like this

My little boy was so interested with the last lot of rain we had. He hasn't experienced rain in his memory. I was reading our local messenger today and loved the cartoon in the opinion section!

I love rain so much! I love to hear it, smell it, and walk in it. I love to get rained on. I don't mind when I can't hang washing on the line and have to dry it all inside. I love how the playground gets all wet, and you get a wet bottom. I love walking, driving and riding through puddles. I love to see water rushing down the creek. I love it when its cold and you have to rug up. I love umbrellas. I even love it when you are tired and grumpy coming home and get soaked with rain, because when you get home you have a bath and listen to the lovely rain while drinking a hot Milo!


Rest is not idleness said...

I had a bit of a chuckle when I saw that cartoon as well :)
The only time that I don't really love the rain is when it rains for days and days with no break, but at the moment I would be happy if we got rain like that.
take care

Kris said...

Me too! I love all that stuff! (Must be genetic) I remember walking to school in the rain with galoshes (is that why you can't buy them any more? No-one can spell them!) and getting to school and being cosy and warm inside the classroom while it rained outside. I could love rain ALL day!

Lotti said...

Hot Milo on a wet yummy is that. Love this post. Yep, I love rain's wonderful.....and we just need it so much. Can't get enough of it right now. Have you seen that add on TV with the mum who is jumping in the puddles and water is flying everywhere and the kids are standing there watching her do it.....I think it's for Vita Wheat biscuits. Love it.