Friday, 29 May 2009

Paper bag swap

This morning while playing duplo with my little man we got a package from the Australia Post dude. My swap partner made me a beautiful bag . . .

. . . and a note book cover and needle book. I am always writing down ideas and making lists and now I can do it in book with such a pretty cover!

The needle book is pretty special too. It can open both ways! I don't know if that makes sense but I can't really explain it better. I need a new needle book so it is a very welcome addition to my sewing aids!

And she even made something extra special for my little man. This cute drawstring bag is made with fishy fabric and the boy likes it very much indeed. It is full of little books and has been carried around the house all afternoon!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Four seasons in one tree . . .

This tree is a bit like me . . . it can't make its mind up. It has lots of green leaves at the bottom, followed by autumnal leaves ready to fall off, then bare branches and finally on the tips at the top there are blossoms. At least I know now that nature can be as confused and all over the place as I can.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Overalls and standing up!

Lots of warm clothes sewing has been happening at my house. Every morning before the little man can get dressed for the day I have to quickly sew a pair of overalls! It might sound silly but it is his happiest time and I find it great motivation. I can sew them up quite quickly as they are very simple lined overalls (I made the pattern). I use the snap machine for doing them up so it is all very quick and easy! Over the past few weeks my nearly one year old has learnt to crawl, pull himself up on things, walk along while holding on to things and let go for several seconds while balancing! He thinks he is very clever (which he is of course!). He follows me and his dad round the house now which is very fun. He has discovered things he never knew existed and especially loves all the fun things in the recycling bin! I am pretty excited for when he walks and we can go walking together. He wants to walk very much and he is slowly but surely getting there!