Monday, 31 August 2009

Lots of knitting

Here is some more of the pretty blue blanket I am currently knitting. I have just been loving knitting and haven't been doing many other things. I love how you don't need many bits and pieces to do it and it doesn't take ages to get set up. Its also very easy to take with you places.

As lovely as the blanket is, it is the same over and over and I was getting a little sick of it. This little top was the remedy. It was so fun to knit and was knit up in one piece! The less sewing up at the end the better. It was such fun to do and now I am back to the blanket. The motivation for this flurry of knitting is I am pregnant and expecting a baby in February! It is ages away yet and it will be summer so I am not sure how many knitted things this baby will need, but I love knitting so much and a baby is such a great excuse!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Toy drop

I came across the toy society a long time ago and loved the idea of making a toy and sending it out into the world to find an owner. Well, today I made my first toy drop! This little daisy doll has left us and I hope she finds a new home! (Oh, and the background is some knitting I am working on. So lovely and soft!)

Here is a picture of where we left her. I will keep an eye out next time we go past to see if she has disappeared.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Some knitting finished!

Don't you just love knitting things for babies and kids! I decided to make these on Wednesday and finished them on Thursday. They are a present for my nephew and are yet to be gifted but I think I will just hope my sister in law doesn't surf my blog until after tonight.

Please excuse the blurry photos. I have a headache and couldn't manage any un-blurry photos. It was so nice to start and finish something all in the same week! It gave me a glimpse of my former self. Since having a baby I am no longer a superwoman who can start and finish multiple projects most weeks. Its not bad, just different. Hanging out with my little man more than makes up for less sewing. I have been working on big project the last while, but I am nearly finished and have been feeling the quilting itch. So I can see hundreds of quilts in my future (well, maybe one or two)!