Monday, 31 August 2009

Lots of knitting

Here is some more of the pretty blue blanket I am currently knitting. I have just been loving knitting and haven't been doing many other things. I love how you don't need many bits and pieces to do it and it doesn't take ages to get set up. Its also very easy to take with you places.

As lovely as the blanket is, it is the same over and over and I was getting a little sick of it. This little top was the remedy. It was so fun to knit and was knit up in one piece! The less sewing up at the end the better. It was such fun to do and now I am back to the blanket. The motivation for this flurry of knitting is I am pregnant and expecting a baby in February! It is ages away yet and it will be summer so I am not sure how many knitted things this baby will need, but I love knitting so much and a baby is such a great excuse!


Tammy James said...

The pattern in that blanket looks so lovely and I understand the need for a break from repetition.

Lotti said...

Gorgeous knitting .... nice exciting having another baby. Your little man now will seem so much bigger and older when this little one comes along. Hope your getting over that sicky feeling. Good luck!!

joolzmac said...

Hey Congratulations, Picklesticks! The blanket is lovely - my mum knitted a baby shawl for Kirby and the pattern was similar. It was knitted on circular needles. Wishing you good health along the way,

Cheers - Joolz

Cosy said...

Congratulations Jess! Wonderful to hear you having another baby. Yay!


joolzmac said...

Hello again,

Another blog I visit is Jodie at

She does some lovely knitting for her two little girls. Check it out.

cheers - Joolz

joolzmac said...

Hi Jess

You must be pleased that someone found your dolly and loves it so.
Good job!

Joolz :)