Saturday, 1 August 2009

Some knitting finished!

Don't you just love knitting things for babies and kids! I decided to make these on Wednesday and finished them on Thursday. They are a present for my nephew and are yet to be gifted but I think I will just hope my sister in law doesn't surf my blog until after tonight.

Please excuse the blurry photos. I have a headache and couldn't manage any un-blurry photos. It was so nice to start and finish something all in the same week! It gave me a glimpse of my former self. Since having a baby I am no longer a superwoman who can start and finish multiple projects most weeks. Its not bad, just different. Hanging out with my little man more than makes up for less sewing. I have been working on big project the last while, but I am nearly finished and have been feeling the quilting itch. So I can see hundreds of quilts in my future (well, maybe one or two)!


Tammy James said...

Nice to 'hear' from you :) Gorgeous projects what a lucky little boy!

Kris said...

They are lovely! So cute. So glad you showed them.

Cassie said...

Well, you managed to keep it a secret Jess. I didn't see your blog till tonight :)
I absolutely LOVE them, and I'm sure little man will love them too, once he gets over the 'hat phobia thing'
They look and feel fantastic. Definately my favourite thing Jayden got for his birthday. Thankyou SO much :)
Oh, and you totally are still superwoman!