Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Drawing and painting

I have been thinking about Christmas at my house. Thinking of making stuff and decorations and twinkle lights in the evenings with all the lights off. Today my little man and I did some Christmas inspired drawing with crayons and painting with watercolours. We both had fun but the little man does like to put the crayons and paintbrushes in his mouth a lot! Thus he ended up with less pictures than me but his are some of the nicest.

I have also finished more overalls, some of which the boy is wearing right now. I really love making this that get used. It makes me feel happy! I am thinking of making some comfy preggy dresses for summer which could be fun.

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Kris said...

Euwww! Paint and crayons for dinner! You should feed your kid better Mrs! Drawing is so much fun. I started drawing Miss Molly's formal dress today.