Friday, 9 October 2009

Summer overalls

Here are the first of many overalls I cut out and sewed! The little man is a little confused as to why I want him to stand still, but I managed to get a photo without him being too blurry. The overalls are very fun to sew and hopefully I can get through them all by the end of next week (fingers crossed).

My silliest sister and I have been making soap. We made chocolate, honey and oatmeal, and milk and ginger soap. Hopefully in a few days I can show you some. It really is so easy and very fun!


Kris said...

He does look confused! Good job getting that dynamo to stand still. Hmm.... the silly sisters.....where have I heard that before?

sandra said...

they looke sooo good. Takes me back to when I made overalls for my 'little' boy (who is now 35 yrs old and 6'2".
I enjoyed making them too.

Lotti said...

Oh Jess, he's a little the overalls and like Sandra it takes me back to making overalls for my kids. Such satisfaction seeing them in something you made yourself. You are so full of ideas.