Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Ever increasing

As you can see this baby girl of mine is growing and growing (as she should!) and as the weather is warmer I have turned into the preggy dress woman. I managed to find a really nice Burda pattern and have now made four of these dresses which I live in.

I have also been sewing baby clothes. I didn't manage to find a pattern for baby clothes that I liked so I gave up and made my own. It not perfect but is pretty cute and was easy to sew. Little dresses are next on my list! I am also knitting pinafores and cardigans. You can tell I am feeling better!


Lotti said...

Really like the dress, pretty colour. That's a nice pattern. I always did like Burda Patterns....all those sizes in one pattern. Cute little shirt.

laura may said...

That baby bump is beautiful. And your sewing is adorable. That baby of yours is going to be well dressed!