Saturday, 23 January 2010

Strawberries and chocolate!

I had a day out with my boys today. The days was not too hot or sunny and we got rained on a little every now and then - my perfect type of day! We went for a drive in the hills to Melba's Chocolate Factory where we watched chocolate covered sultanas become all shiny (great big machines and very loud, the little man loved it), then we went to Beerenberg and picked strawberries. I have to say these are the juiciest, most delicous strawberries I have ever eaten! After that we did a little wander of the main streeet in Hahndorf, stopping for lunch and of course buying a little fudge. My 35 week pregnant body is feeling sore and tired but all in all a really lovely day!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Scriptures case

Our family reads scriptures together in the evening before the little man goes to bed and we have just recently given him his own scriptures. Little did I realise that it's fine to have your own scriptures but you really need a scripture case like your dads to keep them in! Above is the result of last nights sewing and I think it turned out pretty good. Best of all the little man loves his new bag and can't wait for scripture reading this evening.