Friday, 26 February 2010

Three days over . . .

. . . and going crazy. I know three isn't very many but when you have been saying the due date over and over for 9 months, and then you reach it and go past, it can be a little depressing! I have decided though to try and distract myself and keep being productive.

A scrappy crocheted blanket I finished a week ago. It's just made with left over acrylic but it has turned out quite nice and will be easy to throw in the wash! The little man loves it and it has been getting used already.

I have also made myself a new nappy bag. I have been trying to buy one for ages and finally deicide that it didn't exist and I needed to get over it and make one. It is quite large and will fit everything in it (I am the sort who love to carry anything I could possibly need).

And while having a huge bag is great, finding things in the bottom if it isn't so great so here is a little bag, one each for the little man and his new sister.

Finally, here is a change mat with a wipe-able side. I have been meaning to make one of these for ages and got some great laminated fabric from Hettie's Patch last week for the job. It is great to use I and am wondering why I never had one before.

So I guess this is the post to prove to my baby that I am so totally and completely ready for her to be born, so hurry up!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Baby sewing

I am still plodding away at some sewing for this baby. Today I finished this little dress. I love it and can't wait for this baby so I can use it!

Monday, 8 February 2010


I got some very exciting mail today. A copy of the new Homespun magazine with a project in it by me! It feels a little silly but very exciting all at the same time.

Other than excitement from the magazine there is a fair amount of excitement at my house as the countdown to my due date continues. 2 weeks to go! I am feeling sore and sorry for myself (especially in the heat) and so excited to meet this baby!