Saturday, 29 May 2010

Still here

It has been a long time since I last blogged, but I do have a very good reason. We moved house! No longer living in our tiny flat, we now have space to move (and sew and play( and even have our own back yard! My current adventures including sewing a dress for little miss and knitting a vest for my little man.

And now I have more bench space I got myself a slow cooker. Best invention ever! I can start it off in the morning and then I don't have to stop doing fun things in the evening to make dinner.


The Fleming Family said...

Hello there, I found your blog through Harmony. Fun to see all the neat things you make and YES, slow cookers are the BEST invention ever! See you on Sunday.


sandra said...

I hope you'll be very happy in the new home. Love the little dress.

Lotti said...

Slow cooker are awesome. Mine broke and I haven't had a new one since. I'm going to get one that is slightly bigger because then I can make 2 meals at once ... freeze for later on.

Blossy said...

I ♥ my slow cooker (in fact I am using it right now to cook some corned beef for tea).

Glad to hear that your new place has a back yard. Sometimes I miss having one myself, we're in a unit. At least your little ones will have a nice place to play outdoors :)

Love the the little dress you made. Very cute.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Slow cookers are the best, I love how the smell of good food cooking slowly builds throughout the day.