Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Making a tent

I have always dreamed of making my own tee pee with bamboo poles and an old sheet or two, and yesterday I decided to do it! Me and my kids walked to the hardware store and bought all sorts of fun things including bamboo garden stakes. We were all having a pretty miserable day and tent building was just what we needed to cheer ourselves up. We did a test in the back yard and need to go op-shopping to find another sheet for it. The clown one is saved from my mum's house. I have always loved it and thought there would be a project for it one day.

The boy loves to be outside and wants his mum to come too, but am such an inside sort of person it is hard to spend as much time out as he wants.I think a tent with lots of rugs and pillows should be able to tempt me! I am also thinking I need an outside-y sort of couch thingy. I am not sure what it is yet but comfy-ness is at the top of my list.


devin said...

how sweet! i always wanted a tee-pee!

joeyp said...

good to see such a loved sheet given a new life