Thursday, 9 September 2010


Had another lovely day today. We stayed home all day and played and sewed and everything else fun. I finished the tent for the boy (and me). It isn't how I originally intended it to be, but I am happy with how it looks and functions. Now all it needs is a square quilt to go under and some pillows!


Kris said...

I thought the tent was pretty spiffy before, but now it is sensational!!! I love it! You are a genius. And yes, a square quilt would be perfect.

Rose said...

Your tent looks amazing Jess! I think the smile on that little boys face says it all =D

sandra said...

Fabulous tent. I remember my dad making us one as kids. It was HUGE and made from hessian. (well.... perhaps we only thought it was HUGE 'cause we were so little)