Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I hate making dinner!

Ok, maybe I don't hate making dinner. I don't really like it, the same as I don't like hanging washing or mopping floors or changing nappies. Not really fun but feels good to accomplish it. What I hate is thinking of dinner! The worst part is you have to do it everyday. I have tried planning dinners in advance or having a regular night for things, but I guess I am a bit contrary and can't possibly have dinner I thought of a week ago! Silly I know. Every day that question comes to me again - what are we going to have for dinner? Now that we are getting close to summer it will get easier. In summer I like to have 'platter' for dinner. That just means quickly grab fruit, veg, cheese and meat from the fridge and call it dinner. Occasionally I turn in into a salad which is what I have done tonight. Chicken, cannellini beans, oranges and 'greens' with a little cumin for flavour.


Kris said...

Lol! Saw a very strange print ad about what to have for dinner and a cult??? Very strange! We are sitting here saying "what shall we have?"

joeyp said...

dinner would be great if you only had it every other day or so