Sunday, 27 March 2011

Being a mother of small children

It can be hard at times when everyone is tired (me included) and no one can sleep. My solution for this situation that doesn't include going crazy is to strap my children in the pram and go for a walk. Hooray for the endorphins of exercise, for not having screaming children hanging off me and for the possibility of them both falling asleep! It is also good to walk to a secondhand shop and find mags and good books!

Another thing that is good to do when you are a mother of small children (for me at least) is when they are finally in bed, don't tidy or catch up on cleaning. Just knit. It is relaxing and calming and after a day when it feels like you accomplished nothing, it lets you see progress and is inspiring for the next day.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Out and about

We went to the city today so we could visit the Jeanie Baker exhibition 'Mirror'. It was good and very short person friendly. If only a school group didn't rock up soon after we did we would have stayed longer. We also visited my sister at uni and had to stop and play on this piano on the way back to the train. It said Play me I'm yours, so we did. There has been a bunch of sewing at my house and I am on the verge of finishing things even! It's pretty exciting.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Kid art

There is a little bundle of creativity at my house that just can't be contained by paper (just in case you can't tell, the wall is covered in red crayon). He also like to express his creativity on the floor with yoghurt and baby powder 'because I like footprints mum'. It's quite frustrating but sort of makes me happy too. I am glad he has such good ideas for art, just wish it involved paper, cardboard and canvas more often! I have been thinking about getting him an easel. Would it work, I don't know.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Lots of things on and off the needles at the moment. And lots of lovely yarn a can't wait to cast on! Maybe I should finish something first? Nah.