Sunday, 27 March 2011

Being a mother of small children

It can be hard at times when everyone is tired (me included) and no one can sleep. My solution for this situation that doesn't include going crazy is to strap my children in the pram and go for a walk. Hooray for the endorphins of exercise, for not having screaming children hanging off me and for the possibility of them both falling asleep! It is also good to walk to a secondhand shop and find mags and good books!

Another thing that is good to do when you are a mother of small children (for me at least) is when they are finally in bed, don't tidy or catch up on cleaning. Just knit. It is relaxing and calming and after a day when it feels like you accomplished nothing, it lets you see progress and is inspiring for the next day.


Sue said...

How did you get so wise at such a young age? I loved it when you sad about not catching up on cleaning when they were in bed - I wish I had done that! Love your beautiful knitting!

Lotti said...

Love that pattern, really nice. It's going to look lovely when finished. Will you put up photos of the finished product? I love picking up magazines from op shops ... so cool. But then I'm not allowed to get any moe magazines because I have too many now as it is. :-<

Life's little stuff said...

You know what, that is great idea, I think I will do that too. : ) A friend and I were discussing what happens when we knit and thinking about the recipient and relaxing where right at the top of the list.

Love the knitting!! What is that lovely stitch on either side of the cables?
cheerio Tina