Thursday, 3 March 2011

Kid art

There is a little bundle of creativity at my house that just can't be contained by paper (just in case you can't tell, the wall is covered in red crayon). He also like to express his creativity on the floor with yoghurt and baby powder 'because I like footprints mum'. It's quite frustrating but sort of makes me happy too. I am glad he has such good ideas for art, just wish it involved paper, cardboard and canvas more often! I have been thinking about getting him an easel. Would it work, I don't know.


Soph said...

WOW! That's terrible and lovely all at the same time! It must be VERY fine art to pull on all of these feelings and emotions at the same time! Very provocative. You should take pictures of everything he does and set up a gallery for him when he's older... or maybe that would be too much encouragement... Good luck with your little genius! :P

Sarah said...

Just read about your news... OH my gosh number three already! WOWO WOW OWowowowowoow

TAke care lovely one and hope you have a good trip down to mum real soon : o )