Monday, 11 April 2011

Sewing for my kids

There was not much sewing here at my house for quite a while. That has been remedied over the past month and there has been much more sewing, knitting, etc. There haven't been a lot of finishes I have to admit. There are quite a few knitted things yet to be sewn up and several pairs of trousers without hems. There is this lovely pinafore above without buttons on the shoulders and bunches of things cut out in piles on my sewing table. I didn't really feel any urgency about getting the last jobs done as I am sewing for Autumn/Winter. Now that it's getting chilly around here I will have to do some finishing!

In a previous life I was quite happy to make up my own patterns, but find I don't have the available brain matter any more. So, my two new favourtites are Oliver + S patterns and Enid Gilchrist books. I was lucky to be given a couple of Enid Gilchrist books by my Grandma (my Grandma always gives me the best things) and got a couple extra off Ebay. My mum got me an Oliver + S pattern a while back (which I love) so I have been making beautiful clothes with patterns that really work!

Soon I will be starting on some sewing for this new baby of mine expected in July, and will be making flannel nighties and lots of knitted things. Hooray for winter babies!


Kris said...

Hooray for sewing and babies and knitting and Grandmas and and and! SUCH A CUTE PINAFORE!!! Sorry. Didn't mean to shout. Caps lock you know.

Lotti said...

Love the fabric ... so pretty. Saw something similar in Spotlight and wondered if you picked it up there. So exciting that you are having another baby cool is that. I love winter babies too because you can knit lots of little jackets for them to wear over growsuits and they look really cute ... well over anything for that matter.