Monday, 24 October 2011

Little girl dress

Finished! Well, almost finished. It needs buttons and button holes and a good press but after that it will be finished. This is for my smallest girl and her sister has one cut out waiting to be sewn. I am hoping that this (almost) completion will inspire me to keep sewing. All my children have grown and the weather is changing so they are quickly running out of things that they can wear. I feel very anti shop bought clothes at the moment (you know, t-shirts for 2 year old girls that are shaped and figure hugging and boys ones with slogans all over them) and have grand ideas of making all three of them a completely handmade wardrobe. We will see.


Life's little stuff said...

Oh it is so gorgeous your girls are so lucky to have such a good sewer for a mum. Hope inspiration stays with you hugs MnM

Lotti said...

I find all the cutting out the hardest part ... but once I have done one of something, it's never quite so hard again. This dress is very cute and I love the fabric. I used to do so much sewing for my kids when they were little and I loved it. It is starting to get much warmer now and they are starting to need summer clothes. Good luck with the dresses. I do agree with you that getting one thing done does inspire you to keep on going.