Friday, 7 October 2011

Sewing at Ma's house

My dream of sewing the other day stayed that, a dream. We are a house full of sickies at the moment so the sewing has been delayed a bit. Instead of being able to show some great new summer clothes, I am living in the past and showing a picture of my sewing from our holiday at Ma's house. My littlest sister had Mum's scrap basket down planning a project and the fabric was calling to me. It's nothing in particular, just pretty. At the moment it is on the kids little table being a place mat/doily type thing. Fabric just makes me feel happy!


Lotti said...

I'm not surprised that fabric makes you feel happy .... it is so pretty. Love it.

Sue said...

How could it not make you feel happy? It's pretty and colourful and made at Ma's where all good things happen!!