Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Rainbow cupcakes!

Well, splodges of colour cupcakes! When you have small people helping things never turn out quite perfect, but do usually turn out quite lovely. These in particular were quite delicious! Being the brain dead mother I am of late I have been turning elsewhere for inspiration of something fun to do. That place more often than not is Pinterest. I love it! I could spend all day - but can be quite happy with a few minutes. It's good like that.

Friday, 25 November 2011


Shay over at Quilting in My Pyjamas does this thing called Favourite Things Friday. I like the idea very much so am joining in! I blog mostly about lovely nice things because it helps me stay cheerful (a hard task some days) and so blogging about something every Friday that just makes me feel happy is something I need to do.

This is a picture of my happy. My little girl calls it such because of candles on birthday cakes. It's a tea light in a lantern from IKEA. I saw a display with dozens of these hanging from the ceiling and knew I needed to do that at my house. So I don't freak my poor husband out I am going to buy them one at a time. This is my first.

Doll house

I am a little addicted to eBay. This ark doll house is the latest acquisition. I don't buy junk like the Weird Al song, but lovely wonderful things. I have bought duplo, a hat stand, a typewriter, prams, etc. All lovely and useful things. I also like to sell things on eBay. You know, toys, prams, presents I have rejected (yes, I am that sort of person). I love that quote from William Morris "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful". I have always thought this was the way to be, but recently I have been really thinking about the things in my house and evaluating everything. I am getting there, slowly.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Coleslaw and a winner!

Coleslaw has always been one of the reoccurring salads in my life. This last one I made (to go with barbecued lamb - yum!) is more colourful than ever before. While doing our shopping the little man decided we needed red cabbage because 'it's pretty'. Our food has been so much more colourful for it. My favourite coleslaw has cabbage, carrot, apple, cheese and coleslaw dressing in it. Now I think red cabbage has to be on that list too!

In other news we have a winner for the my memories suite software! Thanks for the comment Lottie, I will be sending you an email soon to give you your prize!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Looking like Christmas

We put up our Christmas tree last week and I have been playing around with some Christmassy making. I made a wreath last year that I wasn't completely happy with so I have decided to try a few different ones this year. My first attempt wasn't awe inspiring but I think it's nice. It's not the one though so I am still on the look out for different ideas.
And I did a little stitching.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sponge ball

I came across a great idea over at Martha Stewart a little while back and knew we would have to try it out once the weather got warmer. It was easy and cheap to do and the kids loved it! Next time I will give each kid their own water source though so one kid can splash in it and tip it out and the other can carefully use every last drop to make a picture.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Making playdoh

We live for playdoh at our house, Well, some of us do. The little man will play for hours on end and my little girl loves to play too (when she is not eating it). We recently decided to throw out the old batch (it was starting to get yucky) and make some more. Blue was the colour chosen and all was going well until just before it was cooked and I broke the wooden spoon. I always knew it was hard work making playdoh and now I have proof.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Something pretty and a giveaway!

Before I had children I never used to take photos much. Now I have three little ones to capture I take photos every day! I am not as prolific as some but even if you only take three photos a day it quickly mounts up. It's is good in some ways that I live in the age of digital cameras as I can take photos to my hearts delight and delete all the horrible blurry ones (trust me, there are hundreds) but it is also very easy to not print any out. Previously I have used Snapfish to print out simple photo books of the kids which was nice, but I have discovered something way better! Being a crafty person I couldn't resist the urge to try my memoreies suite digital scrapbooking. I had such fun and fairly quickly came up with some really pretty photo book pages.

Thanks to the kind people at my memories you could win a copy of their software! Just visit their site my memories and leave me a comment letting me know your favourite digital scrapbooking kit by Wednesday 16th November. If you don't win you can still enjoy making digital scrapbooking pages by using this discount code which will save you $10 off the price of the software and give you a $10 voucher to use for scrapbooking kits.


If you make something pretty with their my memories suite and blog about it let me know, I would love to come see!