Sunday, 20 November 2011

Coleslaw and a winner!

Coleslaw has always been one of the reoccurring salads in my life. This last one I made (to go with barbecued lamb - yum!) is more colourful than ever before. While doing our shopping the little man decided we needed red cabbage because 'it's pretty'. Our food has been so much more colourful for it. My favourite coleslaw has cabbage, carrot, apple, cheese and coleslaw dressing in it. Now I think red cabbage has to be on that list too!

In other news we have a winner for the my memories suite software! Thanks for the comment Lottie, I will be sending you an email soon to give you your prize!


Sarah said...

I dont like coleslaw but the other day I had some and MORE. I am drooling over yours!

Well done Lottie : o )

Life's little stuff said...

Great idea - you've just inspired me to make some tonight. Thanks !! You always do/make such lovely things.

Kell Bell said...

YUMMO!!! I love that salad a lot!! oh how I am missing our crafting sessions! I am determined to make it next week :)