Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Bath fizzers and gingerbread


I have makers living at my house and each week we try to make something we have never made before. This week we made bath fizzers. They turned out a little crumbly - the mixture possibly wasn't quite damp enough before we pressed into the ice cube tray - but they are pretty good and we are trying them out in the bath tonight! I didn't put smelly stuff in because smelly stuff drives me insane.

And we also have done some baking. We made gingerbread people (eaten already) and a gingerbread house. The house fell down a few times while we were building it, but has held together and is getting eaten today! We are also going to make shortbread and Christmas pudding over the next few days. Yum!

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Lotti said...

You're lucky ... makers and eaters at your house .... good job ... or else all the things you make wouldn't get eaten. Love the bath fizzers.