Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Coloured Rice

I am always on the lookout for something new and fun to do with my kids and pinterest is my favourite place to look. Coloured rice has been coming up again and again so we decided to make some for us! Most of the recipes pinned used rubbing alcohol but I found one that uses vinegar (couldn't be bothered going to the shops - needed to use something in the cupboard!). We found two saved jars put some vinegar in the bottom, put in some food colouring, then jasmine rice, screwed the lids on tight, shook them a bunch, let them sit for a few minutes, drained the liquid out and dried on newspaper. The kids think it's super fun and although it is quite messy it's also easy to vacuum up. SO far it has lasted a few 'plays' and I think we will make more in the future.


Life's little stuff said...

How much fun the kids must be having. Love the colours very christmassy Hugs MnM

Lotti said...

What a great idea ... I love the chubby little baby hand at the bottom ... very cute.